About us

The special things always arise from simple ingredients

We are three sisters, we started this adventure in July 2015.
By common agreement we decided to open a different place from the others, something that represents us as much as possible, something outside the box but not completely out of place.

Valtellina, an enchanting place, where the mountains reign, where in the days of our grandparents we lived on small things and the food had to be simple but nutritious.
Hence the idea of ​​specializing in dishes that were once considered humble but important: first courses.
From flour, water and eggs, complete dishes were made, with the addition of butter, cream and cheeses, you gave that extra push to keep going.

From here we started “special things always come from simple ingredients”, our motto.

Our cuisine is based on this, and nowadays “first courses” reflect the “non-banality” of the past, respecting tradition, and therefore keeping those dishes that speak of Valtellina, we try every season to offer our customers dishes linked to our land, mixing the flavors of the past with the present ones.

But Dosdè, as well as for lunch or dinner, is also waiting for you for breakfast and an aperitif, ready to delight you with our own desserts, cold cuts and cheeses and wines from our cellar.

We are waiting for you in Livigno, come and visit us.